unique products
for collectors

Special orders are always made uniquely according the requrements of the customer. See some examples below.
tn Semi-integral hunter, forged from stainless damascus steel.
tn A large bowie-knife in ”mistress-style”.
tn A small ”Trollsax” with handle made of stag antler.
tn Lion knife II, similar to the one made for the master bladesmith examination.
tn Walrus ivory handled skinning knife.
tn Smallish, slightly modernized kukri.
tn Full integral woodsmans’ knife forged and shaped from stainless damascus steel.
tn Two semi-integral hunting knives.
tn Miniature version of the
”Death Wielder” -fantasy sword,
oa. length 26,5 cm.
tn "Fighting knife" with three bar damascus steel blade
tn Two full integral damascus steel hunting knives
tn Two hunting knives with blades froged from stainless damascus steel
tn A unique version of "Crocodile-bowie" with the blade forged from stainless damascus steel
tn Two one-of-a-kind hunting knives, the upper knife has a three bar composite damascus blade, the lower one has a san-mai damascus blade
tn An one-of-a-kind knife with the handle made of stag antler and leather
tn "Leuku"-styled hunting knife
tn Meat carving knife, stainless damascus blade and synthetic composite handle
tn Scandinavian-style knife, custom model
tn Long bladed scandinavian-style knife, triple heat treated 52100-steel blade
tn A slightly different hunting knife design. 52100-steel and moose antler.
tn Scandic-style knife with nickel damascus steel blade, bolster and decoration of titanium, boneamber and silver, ebony handle
tn A Woodsman's knife with forged stainless damascus blade
tn Three-finger knife with damascus blade, carved handle and sheath
tnKitchen knife with a forged carbon steel blade
tnBowie-knife with bear etched on the blade
tn Skandinavian style knife with walrus ivory handle and stainless damascus blade
tn Knife completely out of damascus steel
tn A letter opener forged from stainless damascus steel & stand