List of Artwork
List of Artwork


Francisco de Goya, 1814 The Third of May, 1808, Prado, Madrid11
Rembrandt van Rijn The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp, 1632, Mauritshuis, Haag13
Self-Portrait Mauritshuis, Haag19
The Feast of Belshazzar, 1630 National Gallery, London25
Christ Healing the Sick Etching, about 1635, British Museum, London53
Erecting the Cross, 1632, Alte Pinakothek, Mûnhen 77
Lowering Christ from the Cross, 1653, National Gallery, Washington77
Jean Francois Millet The Evening Bell, 1858, Louvre, Paris13
The Harvesters, 1857, Louvre, Paris59
René Magritt The Sound of Winds, 1932, Peggy Guggenheim, Venice17
Akseli Gallen-Kallela Illustrations: The Central Art Archives The Forging of the Sampo, 1893, Ateneum Art Museum17
A Black Woodpecker 1893, Ateneum Art Museum134
Gustave Doré (1832-1883) The Expulsion from Paradise23
Saul Threatening David48
Jacob's Dream48
On the Cross69
Lifting Christ onto the Cross76
Lowering Christ from the Cross76
Pieter de Hooch A Boy Bringing Apples, Wallace Collection, London31
Alfred W. Rich 1921, a series of teaching illustrations, watercolour35
Albert Edelfelt: Illustrations: The Central Art Archives A Service on the Islands of Uusimaa, oil on canvas 1881, Musée d'Orsay, Paris39
From the Luxembourg Gardens, oil on canvas, 1887, Ateneum Art Museum The Antell Collection40
A Saturday Night in Hamari, oil on canvas, 1885, Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen41
Women Outside the Church at Ruokolahti, oil on canvas, 1887, Ateneum Art Museum42
Information on Artwork Page number A Child's Funeral, oil on canvas, 1879, Ateneum Art Museum, The Antell Collection42
Boys Playing on the Shore, oil on canvas, 1884, Ateneum Art Museum43
Duke Karl Insulting the Corpse of Klaus Fleming, oil on canvas, 1878, Ateneum Art Museum43
Kaukola Ridge at Sunset, 1889-90, Ateneum Art Museum44
Christ and Mary Magdalene, 1890, Ateneum Art Museum45
The Shore of Helsinki's Sörnäinen, ink, a book illustration, 1899154
Edouard Manet The Execution of Emperor Maximillian 1867, Städtische Kunsthalle, Mannheim49
Jan Vermeer The Lace Maker, 1665, Louvre, Paris51
Helene Schjerfbeck A Funeral Procession in Pont-Aven, 1884, Ostrobothnian Museum, Illustration: Ostrobothnian Museum Archive 66
A Wounded Soldier on a Snow Bank in 1808, 1880, Ateneum Art Museum Illustration: The Central Art Archives67
Martta Wendelin The Head Practice, 193619
A Flight in the Night, 193821
The Little Rascal Miranda, a book cover, 1937, Otava47
A Group of Birch Trees, in pastel61
Postcard; Here I Sing Alone, 195963
Postcard; Step Outside Often, 194563
Postcard; Fine Home-made Bread, 193368
Postcard; God Be with My Sail, 193868
Front cover of Own Home magazine12/193369
Postcard; A Landscape in Hauho, 194170
Postcard; A Churchyard in Askola, 194170
Postcard; Ah, My Beloved Home, 193271
Postcard; A Sleigh on a Church Road,194371
Postcard; Self Floating Leaflike, 193572
Postcard; Two Tree Collectors, 195072
Front cover of Own Home magazine 18/193373
Postcard; On the Potato Field, 195173
Postcard; A Single Rose Grew In a Valley, 195974
Diego de Velázgues The Surrender of Breda, 1634-1635, Prado, Madrid65
Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres A Fountain, Louvre, Paris75
Venus Anadyomene, 1848, Musée Condé75

Kimmo Pälikkö's artwork

A Hunter/Bowie, watercolour, 20007
A Japanese rider, watercolour, 20009
A tree in the foreground, pencil15
A barn, pencil15
Log hauling, 1990, watercolour21
Guarding paradise/front cover of Lutheran magazine, 5/1999, pencil23
A gorge on the islands, watercolour, 200025
A rock face, watercolour, 200127
A male moose, watercolour, 200029
The moose, serigraphy, 199429
A cottage on a rocky islet, watercolour, 198831
An evening on a hill of birch trees, watercolour, 200133
Labrador (mash) tea plants,watercolour, 199933
Jarno-Tapani, pencil, 197737
A view of Suomenlinna, ink, 198537
Celtic soldiers attack,watercolour, 200047
Snow covered rowan berries, watercolour, 199951
Jesus aged 12 in a Temple, serigraphy, 199353
A winter evening, watercolour, 199955
An autumn evening, watercolour, 199955
A summer evening in the country,watercolour, 200057
A winter evening at sea, watercolour, 2001 57
Fighting Vikings, watercolour, 200065
A sun animal, watercolour, 198576
The Sunbeam and the Earth Sprite,watercolour, 198677
The birthplace of Aleksis Kivi, Palojoki,watercolour82
Sinebrychoff House at Bulevard, watercolour, 199682
Hämeentie/Helsinginkatu,watercolour, 199883
A cottage, Pietarinkatu, Helsinki,watercolour, 199583
Huhtamäki, head office, Tapiola,watercolour, 199984
Kiasma, Helsinki, watercolour, 199985
Virgin forest, watercolour, 198986
Dead pine on a ridge, watercolour, 200089
The branch of a dead pine, serigraphy, 198290
A dead pine tree in Lapland, watercolour, 200191
A gnarled pine tree, serigraphy, 198693
A salmon stream, watercolour, 199199
A wintry bog, serigraphy, 1991 100
The Nynäs Manor, serigraphy, 1985 101
A deciduous tree on a shore, pencil, 1998 105
A washerwoman by a hole in the ice,watercolour, 1988 108
Houses at Eevankatu, L-Pasila, 1980s, watercolour 109
A birch grove, watercolour, 1990 110
An old barn, watercolour, 1999 111
The Munkkiniemi Manor, watercolour, 1994 112
The Tali Manor, watercolour, 1994 113
Akseli Gallen-Kallela Museum, Tarvaspää,watercolour, 1993113
A crofter's cottage, watercolour, 1990 114
Syväranta's Lottakoti house, Tuusula, watercolour, 1997 115
An icy tree, watercolour, 1998 116
A fisherman, watercolour, 1991 117
Galilee, the Sea of Tiberias, watercolour, 1994 118
Pohjoisranta shore, watercolour, 1993 119
A bog pool, watercolour, 1998 120
Espoo Cultural Centre, watercolour, 1995 120
Merikasarmi 1816, watercolour, 1989 121
Neste Head Office, watercolour, 1995 121
A dead pine tree in Lapland, watercolour, 1984 122
A kiosk at Espa, watercolour, 1995 123
A lone pine, watercolour, 1995 124
A winter view of Pohjoisranta,, colour graphics, 2001125
An icy dead pine tree in Lapland, watercolour, 2001 125
A.Ahlström Oy, Havulinna, Noormarkku,watercolour, 2000 126
A wintry view of Suomenlinna, watercolour, 1998 126
Mäntyniemi, the President's Official Residence, watercolour, 1996127
A wintry haze, watercolour, 1999127
Postimäki at Ilola village, watercolour, 1984128
National Museum, Helsinki,watercolour, 1992 128
A winter view of Eteläranta, Helsinki, watercolour, 1990129
The Bride's headland and the Groom's island, watercolour,1990 129
Kauppatori marketplace in 1958, Helsinki,watercolour, 1988 130
Kauppatori in 1960, Helsinki, watercolour, 1999 131
The Havis Amanda Statue during snowfall, watercolour, 1996 131
Autumn at Vantaankoski, watercolour, 1998 132
Winter at Vantaankoski, watercolour, 1998 133
A snow-covered dead standing pine,pencil, 2000 133
The Kulosaari Schools, Helsinki, watercolour, 1999 137
A Karelian homestead, pencil138
The Sun Animal and a Boy, pencil, 1985140
The Sunbeam and the Earth Sprite, pencil, 1985140
News of Josef's death, front cover of Lutheran magazine 9/2000, pencil142
Blindworm, front over of Lutheran magazine 1/2002, pencil 143
Fabianinkatu 15, Helsinki, pencil, 1990143
A drying barn, Siitama, Orivesi, pencil, 1999144
A sketch of a virgin forest, pencil, 1998146
A rock hill, pencil, 1996147
A boat on a shore, pencil 1997148
A winter view of Tervakoski, pencil, 1982149
A tower, in Cervo, Italy, pencil, 1984150
Vaasankatu, Helsinginkatu, pencil, 1983151
Old buildings upon a shore, pencil, 1998151
Budapest, pencil, 1988152
A portrait of T. Aartomaa, pencil, 1984153
Wärtsilä shore in 1969, Helsinki, ink drawing, 1986 154
Knuutinpoika, Vyborg, ink drawing, 1994156
A view of Pohjoisranta, Helsinki, ink drawing, 1986 157
The Lasipalatsi building, Helsinki, ink drawing, 1987157
HBL-Tower, Mannerheimintie, ink drawing, 1993157
A female wolf, serigraphy, 1982158
A wolf duet, serigraphy, 1994159
An eagle owl, serigraphy, 1994161
The Fortress Island of Suomenlinna, ink drawing, 1975162
The Wise Virgins, front cover of Lutheran magazine 1/1995, ink162
Pharisee and a publican, front cover of Lutheran Magazine 5/1995162
Colorado canyon, background illustration,ink, 1996 162
Fishing boats, serigraphy, 1986162
Eteläesplanadi 8, Helsinki, serigraphy, 1995163
Presidential Palace, Helsinki, serigraphy, 1994163
At Pohjoisranta quay, serigraphy, 1995164
Munkkiniemi Manor, serigraphy, 1995165
Halosenniemi, Tuusula, serigraphy, 1993165
A deciduous tree, serigraphy, 1995166
The Three Smiths Statue, serigraphy, 1993166
Helsinki University Hospital, serigraphy, 1997167
Vanha Poli, Lönnrotinkatu, serigraphy, 1984167
Tervakoski, ink drawing, 1984167
Ainola, the home of Jean Sibelius, Järvenpää, serigraphy, 1993169
A deciduous tree in the autumn, watercolour, 1999170
A wintry sea shore, watercolour, 1998178
Vuorentakka Manor, watercolour, 1999188
Teijo Manor, watercolour, 1999188
The Esplanade Park, watercolour, 1999189
Kymi Manor, watercolour, 1999189
Suomenlinna shoreline, watercolour, 2002193
Autumn sea breeze, watercolour, 1993194
Water lilies on a bog/swamp pool, watercolour, 1998 195
The old market hall, Helsinki, watercolour, 1994196
The shoreline of Kauppatori marketplace, Helsinki, watercolour, 1991196
Tugboats in Eteläsatama, [South Harbour]watercolour, 2002199
Tuomiokirkko Cathedral, Helsinki, watercolour, 1996202
A river scene at Porvoo, watercolour,2000202
The Railway Station Square, Helsinki, watercolour, 1996203
The Villas at Töölönranta, watercolour, 1999203
The Shore of Lake Inari, watercolour, 1993204
A drying barn, Siitama, Orivesi, watercolour, 2002207
A portrait of a male, watercolour, 1996208
A face in the sun, watercolour, 1995209
A quick sketch of JT, watercolour, 1996211
Flower compositions, watercolour, 1996-1999218
Sarvilahti Manor, watercolour, 1999220
Wiurila Manor, watercolour, 1998221
Floral Compositions, watercolour, 1986-1998 222-225
The first snow, porcelain painting, 1998226
Wildwood, pencil, and porcelain painting, 1996227
Wet and sticky snow, porcelain painting, 1996228
Virgin forest, porcelain painting, 1992229
A snow covered valley, porcelain painting, 1994230
The morning sun, porcelain painting, 1994230
An old apple tree, porcelain painting, 1994231
Pine, 2002234
Spruce, 2002235
A cloud's shadow and an area of light, 2002236
Clouds 2002240
Plan and Realization Stadion, 2002243